Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Ok, I'm HUNGRY! Hubby turned the travel channel on--or maybe the cooking channel--anyway, there are shows on that go to places and find THE BEST hot dogs or BBQ--I'm sure pizza will be on next! Then he fell asleep. And I'm too lazy in my chair, reading online, to get up and make myself something to eat! But my tummy is growling--I SWEAR this channel has somehow figured out how to scent the air with the places they are visiting! Or maybe I'm so hungry I'm hallucinating???

Anyway, today I have off and tomorrow I start sewing again! :) YAH! I've had 17 days off from sewing, and now the fabrics are gently calling me back. I have this CUTE Olivia the Pig fabric draped across my sewing chair, and she calls to me--"sew me into a sweet baby blanket and some bibs!" This pig WANTS me to sew her! (OK, maybe the hunger hallucinating has spread to my fabric as well.)

I'm starting on a custom blanket order tomorrow, then a bib and burp cloth set for Very Verdant, and then Christmas presents for her kiddos. Yikes. THEN, I get to start on all the goodies for Troy Fest! Almost two weeks before I thought I'd want to start. I originally planned on taking off this whole month, but now I can't wait to start up! Hopefully, by starting my plans for this craft fair 3 whole months in advance, I'll not feel as panicked at the end, and I'll be able to get done most everything I have planned!

I feel WAY better prepared starting out this year than I have the past two years as MonsterBug Blankets. I feel more on top of things, more ready for what is ahead, better at planning, better at getting done what I want to do. It's a great feeling. The first year was all about beginnings--getting fabrics and figuring out what I wanted to sew. The second year I learned more about business--LOTS about business! LOTS AND LOTS! I still felt behind the curve, though. I was way better prepared for Christmas shopping than the first year, but still not quite there. Then this year began, and I got my 1000 markets shop up, and I felt like I knew what I was doing. And it excites me. And here I am 3 months from a show, ready to start--not 6-8 weeks prior scrambling. YAH!

I'm already planning for next Christmas--can you believe that!??! I have some money set aside for specific things I want to be able to buy for next year's Holidays in the South Bazaar. I've even contacted two crafters for some wholesale items I want to sell there. Some of my ideas are for hoodies and onesies, and more! YAH!

Ok, I suppose I SHOULD maybe eat now--before I start plucking computer keys off this keyboard..... :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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Monsters, sounds like you are off to a great start!!! Here is to your best year ever.