Friday, January 9, 2009

New Obsession

So, apparently I haven't learned with my year plus of experience on etsy. I now have to check my 1000 markets shop four thousand and one times every time I'm online to see if someone has bought from me. And now I'm making excuses to get online. Maybe someone wrote me. Maybe someone bought something and I NEED to get it in the mail NOW. :) It's funny and ridiculous, I swear! I hope it wears off, cause it's rather exhausting--and disappointing to see that no, someone did NOT buy from me in the past 4.2 seconds. Rejection over and over! :)

Last night I woke up to a screaming child--just 30 minutes after falling asleep. After soothing and getting her back to bed, and crawling back into my wonderful bed--I started thinking. Oh so dangerous. How much would it cost to do __________. What about with these fabrics? Do I have anything I can use here to go with _____________. If I added ________ to my products, how much would each piece cost? How much would I charge? How much do I have in my account and what should be priority in the line of spending? On and on it went. I even started dozing a few times, and instead of succumbing, as would be wise, I re-woke myself up to think more. I was on a roll! A roll that lasted till just after 330 this morning! Man, I'm tired now. Wish all this thinking had come when I was driving for 13 hours last week--what a boring time it is to drive and not have anything to think about! :)

The gist of my thoughts? The craft fair I want to do in April, Troy Fest, is attended by local people. Not military. So all the military and aviation ideas I'm dying to work on need to be put on hold for a bit--cause I doubt they will sell as well at Troy Fest. Yet, with locals attending, University of Alabama and Auburn fans are a guarantee. I'm sure a few of these crazy fans have babies or know of babies who just HAVE to have a new bib or burp cloth in their school's colors. Soooo, I needed to figure out what to do with this epiphany. And that is what I worked on for almost four hours in the middle of the night. :) Good ideas.

I spent an hour ironing fabrics last night while hubby and I watched tv. Lots of new pretties I've bought since December! :) Lots of gorgeous new items I'm wanting to add! I think the ironing got my brain to running last night. I was very excited about what I could make--and hope this excitement continues! I have not sewn since 25 December--when I finished up my Christmas sewing and could take a break. And until now, I've not even wanted to sew! So I'm kinda glad the juices are flowing again!

Still have to work hard on getting prepared for tax time. I stopped recording everything in May--I know, I'm very bad! Soooo, lots of inventory to take note of, lots of purchases to record, etc--you get the idea. A mountain of paperwork. :)

Gotta go--the natives are getting cold in their bath water!

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little dresses said...

Shut-UP! You are in Alabama?! I found you this morning and was suprised to find you a homeschooling, sewing, mama living in AL just like me! LOL!

Well I better go, (we have 2 wedings to go to today-fun)but I will pop in again sometime and say hi!