Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Organizing--since I couldn't sleep

I was sooooo excited last week--within minutes, yes, MINUTES, of my 1000 markets shop going live, I was contacted about making a baby blanket. The daddy is a fisherman, and grandma wanted to buy a baby blanket that reflected that. I've had the above fabric for almost two years now, cut into the right size, but I just never ended up finishing the blanket. It turned out so sweet! I love the blues and greens--and of course, the chenille backing!

I couldn't sleep last night--been up since 230ish. We shut the bedroom window 2 nights ago cause it was too cold--then last night I was too hot! Gotta keep the window at least cracked! Sooooo, since I could not sleep, and somehow have tons of energy (do you feel the crash coming on?), I got busy. First, I made sure to look over the lesson plans for today. Then I decided it was high time I went through the books and workbooks and games and magazines (homeschooling) that sat next to my chair in a basket and piled high on the table. While doing this, I ended up doing the lesson plans for Thursday, too, since there were sooooo many neat ideas I was coming across while trying to decide which books needed to be in the LR, and which ones needed to go back on the homeschooling shelves. Once that was all done, I took the huge pile of things not needed now back into my sewing room/library to put away. Well, to put on the floor, since I have not gotten to clear off a new shelf for homeschooling--on the list of to do's--just not there yet!

OK, soooooo, once in the sewing room, I see the three bags of onesies/tshirts I bought from Target yesterday. This year I want to start appliqueing baby and children's onesies/tshirts, and so when they were marked 75% off yesterday, I went crazy! And there all 31 of them sat, in bags, needing to be organized. WHERE to put them????? The closet is completely overrun with fabric, so that was out. I had to figure out how to store them in plain site in the sewing room, without overtaking everything (like my fabric scraps do!). But, if I am going to store them, I needed to sort them by size and color, so I know what I have. That done, I remembered all the infant onesies I have stored, and wondered what sizes I had of those--so they got organized and recorded as well! Whew. Then, on to receipts......

I am happy to FEEL like organizing! But man, there is sooooo much to organize. When hubby was active duty army, he was in the field for 3-4 weeks every spring and every fall. And that is when I would tackle big organizing projects. Files got sorted and tossed, clothing, boxes of stuff (we moved constantly--there were ALWAYS boxes of stuff!), books, papers, drawers, etc. Hubby has been out of the army for three years now--and so I have not had my normal times for sorting. I can tell! :P I usually get a bug to organize my fabric closet every 5-6 months, and that is good (and needs to be done again--ugh!), but there's so much more that I need to work on. I just hope the ambition lasts for quite awhile!

Ok, now I'm off to get the onesie purchase recorded in my new excel spreadsheets. My impulse buy in December, as it was May when I last recorded any business expenses! :P Yikes! Another thing to get organized--especially since tax time is right around the corner! After that, I'll probably crash a bit--get some rest before the kids wake up!

:) MonsterBug Blankets


Robin@creations-anew.com said...

OH man...I do feel your "crash" coming on....:)

Very Verdant said...

Wow! and all I did was ... good work MonsterBug!