Friday, January 16, 2009

To Do List

So this is my TO DO list for the next three months:

And it is sad, cause it's still missing these fabrics:
And these, plus 4 more yards like it (2 in red, 2 in yellow):And I can think of at least 12 more yards I DON'T have pictured, too!
Here are the bibs I have cut out so far--at least half of them were cut yesterday while waiting at the doctor's office for Bug's yearly check-up:
It's gonna be a busy 3 months! :)
OH--did I forget to tell you about the 19 yards of oil cloth on its way, too? How silly of me!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

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Liz said...

oh my gosh girlie - you have tons of the fabrics that are in my virtual shopping carts from all over the internet! oh, and on my ebay watch list. i am loving them!!! i guess having this baby now is saving me lots of money because if i had time to sew right now i would totally be buying even MORE fabrics! everything looks so great!!!