Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diaper and Wipes Holders

So I finished these bad boys last night--and six more--go look in my shop. :) I have some time this afternoon--but am still groggy and a little grumpy--not a good combo for sewing--so I am just sitting here. is my new favorite store. I ordered from them on Monday morning, and within 48 hours, I had my five yards of chenille! They ship free on orders over $35, AND you can google coupon codes for them--and get a % off your order! By the time I was done shopping with them, my chenille averaged barely over $9/yard. It would've been $7.80/yard--plus tax--if I drove to a Joann fabrics store to buy it--but I would've driven four hours round trip AND I would've had to track down which store actually had the white chenille in stock. I like shopping from my chair, at 430 in the morning. Or 1100 at night. And not driving. It's worth $1-ish a yard in cost to me!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Weekend

So, this has been a bust of a weekend. Hubby, Bug, and I are sick--while little Monster has been living up to his nickname! :) Actually, he's been very good--just full of WAY TOO MUCH energy! We're spending today watching too much tv, but that is all we have energy for! And even that has worn out hubby. :P

Friday, I started working on some very sweet and colorful diaper and wipes holders. :) Can't wait till they are finished! The new ones aren't camo, either, but Amy Butler, Michael Miller, and Moda fabrics and such--soooo pretty! I started working on pinning the outer fabrics to the linings yesterday--but then this bug hit, and whew, no more!

I'm very excited about the 2 custom orders I have! I have to wait on the fabrics to arrive before I can start--I am impatient for the mailman to bring them! :)

And today, while watching TV, I worked on uploading some of the wedding pictures from last week onto so I could edit them and/or play on there! :) It's been fun, though the process is slower than I prefer. I need to be more discriminate about the photos I upload, since it takes forever to load them, and makes my computer want to explode!

That's it for the weekend--hope the coming week is better, so I can show off the diaper and wipes holders and also the custom orders! :)

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Custom Order for L.

(Click on the pictures to see the fabrics better.)
Construction vehicles on blue, trains, construction vehicles on white
Sock monkeys on blue, VW vanagons on blue, frogs on blue, mickey "house" (ala Monster)
baseballs on black, sock monkeys on red, green and orange plaid, kermit on green
Some boy fabrics to sift through. Let me know if any of them suit you--if not, I will search online (because that is super-fun)! Also, I have more of most of the fabrics in my shop--so if there is one that you like, please let me know. :)
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Custom Order for C.

C.--this is all the pink and black I have. :P (Click on the picture to see better.) I like the fabric you chose earlier.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surroundings--Photography by J. Holmes

I've had an idea of doing something with my photography since soon after I started--way back in Germany almost 6 years ago--even came up with a name back then--and designed some business cards. :) Surroundings--photography by J. Holmes. Cause I like to take pics of my surroundings. Nothing super exciting--but simple, which I like.

I finally opened a Flickr account today, so I could have a place to showcase a few photos. Now I feel like I'm naked to the world! Untouched photos--when I see so many that are "perfectly" photoshopped. I feel awkward and silly and not up to par--but hey, I'm out there now. No turning back! :) So stop by and look:
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


(Click image to see better!)
It's been nearly 12 years since I said I Do to my dear husband. I think we may have been to one wedding since. So when I was asked to be the photographer for a friend's sister's wedding, I kept thinking, Heavens, what kind of photos are "in" nowadays? (My sister said sideways/crooked ones!) I talked intently with my little sis--the ever creative Beckagator Photography--since she's photographed a few weddings already. I also bought two issues of Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine. I was nervous and sooo excited. Especially nervous about the wedding being at night and outside--HOW do you light such an event??? I'm such a lover of natural, DAYTIME light! :P

The couple made it super-easy. They are naturals at posing, posed most of the photos themselves (whew!), and they knew exactly what they wanted. I also took a bunch of candid pics as they talked and were silly with their families. I liked that--they were relaxed and had fun, and so did I. I think my favorite pictures were of the bride's brother and bro-in-law stuffing her into an old carriage, cause she didn't want to walk in the mud right in front of it, but wanted to be in it to have a picture done with them. :) I took lots of pics then. :)

I'm pretty sure I don't want to do alot of wedding photography--not anytime soon, at least. I don't like being away from my family for such a long time. And the pressure of not screwing up the pictures--believe me, it is intense! But I think it might be fun to do candid type portrait sessions--like children at a playground. Or maybe I'll just stick to MY children at the playground....

Anyway, I am grateful for the experience! Anytime I can take a bazillion pictures and gain more experience is fun! :)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You know, I did really, really well with recording receipts and expenditures and the like last year--well, until May, that is. And then I just stopped. I think it started with all the sewing I did to sell at the PX in May. I was soooooo busy. Then I kinda crashed afterwards. For 3 months. Then, I realized I had to get in gear for selling at the Holidays in the South bazaar. And after that, I was super-busy shipping Christmas Tree crayons out--Santa is one slave driver, I tell you! Next thing I know, hubby is online, filling out the Turbo Tax stuff, and asking me too many questions! For two--or is it three now?--weeks I've been printing receipts off 2 different paypal accounts, 3 different email accounts, and compiling them with receipts from etsy, ebay, my fabric coop, other fabric stores, and trying to track down where I spent $49 in February last year. Then inputting data for inventory of goods made, and inventory of fabric owned (362.13 yards of fabric for MonsterBug Blankets--NOT including my personal stash!), sales, expenses, on and on..... Today I am seeing the finish line. I can ALMOST touch it! I have to finish adding the cost of goods for the inventory I have made, and then I have to add the cost of goods sold. Which I'll have to go through all 12 months to compile. But that's ok. Almost there. And when I'm done--hubby can do the taxes. And we can get a decent computer. We hope. (Least that's what I think the refund is going to this year. Kinda sad it's not going to more fabric. Ummm, yes, I DO tend to forget I have 362.13+ yards of fabric waiting. Some of it is cheap walmart dollar a yard fabric--so it really doesn't count--cause I'll like never use it!)

Anyway, because of all this tax stuff taxing my brain, I've not felt very creative lately. I feel stressed and grumpy and TIRED. And I haven't sewn. at all. And it is Wednesday night. :P Now I spend my naptimes thinking of what I COULD sew, but I don't--cause I don't feel like it. Gotta FEEL it to sew!

I'm gonna FEEL like it next week--I'm certain of that! :)

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PS--spellcheck doesn't like me today. :P

Edited 12 February: ALL MY INFO IS COMPILED, ADDED, AND READY!!!! WHOOO-HOOO! Now we have to sit down and do the taxes.... :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cubs Order

Here's a custom order I finished up yesterday. For a Chicago Cubs fan. I love the cute, pink, fleece fabric! So cozy and soft. NOT a treat to sew with, mind you, but the end result was sweet! I made a 36"x36" baby blanket, a bib, burp cloth, and onesie.

Not much else going on this week--it's been a super-odd week--full of changes. Next week we should get back a bit to normal. I hope.

I picked up several more long sleeved tshirts and turtlenecks yesterday--for appliqueing. Can't wait! Next November I'll have TONS of shirts available--yah! :)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Over a Week Later...

Wow, it's been over a week since I last posted. I kept WANTING to post last week, but I was in a weird funk--where I wanted to do things, but just couldn't. Lack of sleep, fighting off some weird sickness, running a tiny temperature that made me feel yucky. I had no motivation and no energy. I spent time aimlessly. It was rather annoying! But today I'm starting to feel motivated again! YAH! I get scared when I am unmotivated. Scared it'll last forever and ever. So to have it behind me makes me VERY happy!

15 of my 19 yards of oilcloth are sitting impatiently on my cutting table! YAH! Soon I will be sitting on gobs of picnic blankets! Well, I probably won't actually sit on them, but they will be finished, and ready for someone else to sit on for picnics with their kids! I have fun colors--lime green, orange, pink dots, red with white dots! I found our picnic blanket about a month ago, and the kids have been having a blast with it! They like to use it inside for picnics when we can't use it outside. I'm SURE other kiddos would LOVE to have one, too!

I made up some Auburn and University of Alabama baby bibs last week--check them out here! I call them my Fanatic Bibs! :) I didn't actually use Auburn or Alabama licensed fabrics--but used fun orange and red Amy Butler fabrics, with denim and polka dotted backs. I also completed some plaid ones today (no pics yet!) that have denim backs--very cute! I personally am not into SEC teams (sorry, I grew up in ACC territory!), but I felt it would be wise to make some available. I really, really want to do a UNC bib, too--with a baby tarheel on it! OH MY!

What else is in the works.... I plan on making a crib skirt for my niece-to-be--appliquing her name on it in pretty colors. I'd like to offer these personalized crib skirts for sale in my shop once hers is done. :) And I have a bunch of navy hoodies to applique for next fall/winter. Scooped them up at Target on sale last week! And a ton of long sleeved tshirts, too! I have sooooo many ideas for these! What else.... I need to make another trip to Joanns, cause I need more chenille (I ALWAYS need more chenille!) to make a bunch more cozy blankets--I have Olivia fabric cut out and WAITING! And I bought the cutest Army patches fabric that I need to get busy making stuff out of! Soooooo much to do! :) And energy to do it all now--what more could I ask for???

Ok, naptime, cause I have things to work on this afternoon! :)

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