Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diaper and Wipes Holders

So I finished these bad boys last night--and six more--go look in my shop. :) I have some time this afternoon--but am still groggy and a little grumpy--not a good combo for sewing--so I am just sitting here. is my new favorite store. I ordered from them on Monday morning, and within 48 hours, I had my five yards of chenille! They ship free on orders over $35, AND you can google coupon codes for them--and get a % off your order! By the time I was done shopping with them, my chenille averaged barely over $9/yard. It would've been $7.80/yard--plus tax--if I drove to a Joann fabrics store to buy it--but I would've driven four hours round trip AND I would've had to track down which store actually had the white chenille in stock. I like shopping from my chair, at 430 in the morning. Or 1100 at night. And not driving. It's worth $1-ish a yard in cost to me!
MonsterBug Blankets


Very Verdant said...

Wow, your shop is really looking great! Congratulations on getting so much accomplished.

Jan said...

I found you on 1000K and love what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
Jan (Jan's Dolls)