Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Over a Week Later...

Wow, it's been over a week since I last posted. I kept WANTING to post last week, but I was in a weird funk--where I wanted to do things, but just couldn't. Lack of sleep, fighting off some weird sickness, running a tiny temperature that made me feel yucky. I had no motivation and no energy. I spent time aimlessly. It was rather annoying! But today I'm starting to feel motivated again! YAH! I get scared when I am unmotivated. Scared it'll last forever and ever. So to have it behind me makes me VERY happy!

15 of my 19 yards of oilcloth are sitting impatiently on my cutting table! YAH! Soon I will be sitting on gobs of picnic blankets! Well, I probably won't actually sit on them, but they will be finished, and ready for someone else to sit on for picnics with their kids! I have fun colors--lime green, orange, pink dots, red with white dots! I found our picnic blanket about a month ago, and the kids have been having a blast with it! They like to use it inside for picnics when we can't use it outside. I'm SURE other kiddos would LOVE to have one, too!

I made up some Auburn and University of Alabama baby bibs last week--check them out here! I call them my Fanatic Bibs! :) I didn't actually use Auburn or Alabama licensed fabrics--but used fun orange and red Amy Butler fabrics, with denim and polka dotted backs. I also completed some plaid ones today (no pics yet!) that have denim backs--very cute! I personally am not into SEC teams (sorry, I grew up in ACC territory!), but I felt it would be wise to make some available. I really, really want to do a UNC bib, too--with a baby tarheel on it! OH MY!

What else is in the works.... I plan on making a crib skirt for my niece-to-be--appliquing her name on it in pretty colors. I'd like to offer these personalized crib skirts for sale in my shop once hers is done. :) And I have a bunch of navy hoodies to applique for next fall/winter. Scooped them up at Target on sale last week! And a ton of long sleeved tshirts, too! I have sooooo many ideas for these! What else.... I need to make another trip to Joanns, cause I need more chenille (I ALWAYS need more chenille!) to make a bunch more cozy blankets--I have Olivia fabric cut out and WAITING! And I bought the cutest Army patches fabric that I need to get busy making stuff out of! Soooooo much to do! :) And energy to do it all now--what more could I ask for???

Ok, naptime, cause I have things to work on this afternoon! :)

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Hope you had a good nap....great post!