Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You know, I did really, really well with recording receipts and expenditures and the like last year--well, until May, that is. And then I just stopped. I think it started with all the sewing I did to sell at the PX in May. I was soooooo busy. Then I kinda crashed afterwards. For 3 months. Then, I realized I had to get in gear for selling at the Holidays in the South bazaar. And after that, I was super-busy shipping Christmas Tree crayons out--Santa is one slave driver, I tell you! Next thing I know, hubby is online, filling out the Turbo Tax stuff, and asking me too many questions! For two--or is it three now?--weeks I've been printing receipts off 2 different paypal accounts, 3 different email accounts, and compiling them with receipts from etsy, ebay, my fabric coop, other fabric stores, and trying to track down where I spent $49 in February last year. Then inputting data for inventory of goods made, and inventory of fabric owned (362.13 yards of fabric for MonsterBug Blankets--NOT including my personal stash!), sales, expenses, on and on..... Today I am seeing the finish line. I can ALMOST touch it! I have to finish adding the cost of goods for the inventory I have made, and then I have to add the cost of goods sold. Which I'll have to go through all 12 months to compile. But that's ok. Almost there. And when I'm done--hubby can do the taxes. And we can get a decent computer. We hope. (Least that's what I think the refund is going to this year. Kinda sad it's not going to more fabric. Ummm, yes, I DO tend to forget I have 362.13+ yards of fabric waiting. Some of it is cheap walmart dollar a yard fabric--so it really doesn't count--cause I'll like never use it!)

Anyway, because of all this tax stuff taxing my brain, I've not felt very creative lately. I feel stressed and grumpy and TIRED. And I haven't sewn. at all. And it is Wednesday night. :P Now I spend my naptimes thinking of what I COULD sew, but I don't--cause I don't feel like it. Gotta FEEL it to sew!

I'm gonna FEEL like it next week--I'm certain of that! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

PS--spellcheck doesn't like me today. :P

Edited 12 February: ALL MY INFO IS COMPILED, ADDED, AND READY!!!! WHOOO-HOOO! Now we have to sit down and do the taxes.... :)

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