Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Weekend

So, this has been a bust of a weekend. Hubby, Bug, and I are sick--while little Monster has been living up to his nickname! :) Actually, he's been very good--just full of WAY TOO MUCH energy! We're spending today watching too much tv, but that is all we have energy for! And even that has worn out hubby. :P

Friday, I started working on some very sweet and colorful diaper and wipes holders. :) Can't wait till they are finished! The new ones aren't camo, either, but Amy Butler, Michael Miller, and Moda fabrics and such--soooo pretty! I started working on pinning the outer fabrics to the linings yesterday--but then this bug hit, and whew, no more!

I'm very excited about the 2 custom orders I have! I have to wait on the fabrics to arrive before I can start--I am impatient for the mailman to bring them! :)

And today, while watching TV, I worked on uploading some of the wedding pictures from last week onto so I could edit them and/or play on there! :) It's been fun, though the process is slower than I prefer. I need to be more discriminate about the photos I upload, since it takes forever to load them, and makes my computer want to explode!

That's it for the weekend--hope the coming week is better, so I can show off the diaper and wipes holders and also the custom orders! :)

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Very Verdant said...

If it's any consolation, some of my kiddos have the stomache virus. Yuck...I guess we are not going site seeing tomorrow. 8-(

Get well soon!!!

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see how the custom orders turn out!