Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giraffe Onesies

Had fun making these yesterday!  I love appliques! They make me smile!  These giraffes were patterned after the giraffe tshirt I made Bug for her birthday.  I used the same pattern for Bug's shirt, but once I cut out the giraffe, I realized that newborn shirts and 5T shirts are somehow NOT the same size (imagine that!), and I had to re-draw a smaller pattern!  

For these new ones, I wanted to use polka-dot fabrics.  I LOVE polka-dots!!!  And I had plenty of polka-dot scraps left over from the latest bibs, burp cloths, and diaper & wipes holders I've made.  

I'm still trying to decide on whether to do eyes or not.  I like the simplicity of the shapes, yet wonder if they need a little something more?  Back and forth, back and forth! :P  I'm always like this with the things I make!  Anyway, there are 10 of these so far--the other five are made of the same fabrics, but the faces are turned opposite from what is above. :)  

I'm still trying to write the description for the Poppy onesies I did earlier this week.  When I get the chance to sit down and try to write--it's after the kiddos go to bed at night, and my brain is pooped!  Definitely NOT a good time to try to think! :)  I'm mulling on it, though, and am sure I'll come up with something--then get these all listed in my 1000 markets store! :)  YAH!

That's it for today--kids are awake and needing some breakfast and love--though not in that order! :)

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4 comments: said...

THey are so cute...Oh, if only I had anyone to buy them for....I don't think #2, almost 18 year old will go for it...He is abrat!
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Teri's Treasures said...

Adorable onesies! Love em! :) Very Creative!

Very Verdant said...

Man! My kids are too big for these...but I have nieces and nephews! ;0)

beckagator said...

I think if you are contemplating eyes you should maybe just do closed eyes, like the cartoonish eyelash view, it would still keep with the simplicity of it. just a thought.