Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm awake and it's after 1am--just barely. It's been a busy day--sick kiddos (teething, I think--do 4 yr olds get new molars?), lots of cuddling in my chair. Doesn't make me unhappy in the least--when do I get to snuggle with the whirlwinds UNLESS they feel yucky?

I feel content that part of my getting-ready-for-TroyFest-projects for this week are complete! 14 bibs, 14 burp cloths! (And seven yards of white chenille to be delivered to my door tomorrow!) Now to get started on my secondary project for the week: Alabama and Auburn Diaper and Wipes Holders! Yah! (I guess, if'n you like one of those teams.) :)

My dishes are done, my laundry is all folded, and I have 1.5 loads to wash tomorrow--and my floors need vacuuming--then my house will be clean for the week. :) (Of course, that means it'll be clean for about 2.5 seconds! Whirlwinds, remember?!)

So, things are done, accomplished, yet I cannot sleep. Maybe I need to bask in the completion? Or I forgot to take my tylenol pm? Or maybe I'm finally starting to get caught up on my month of little sleep--and needed a night of insomnia to push me back on the other side? :P (The DARK side!)

Anyway, out of my not able to sleep-ness--you get to read this silly post! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

PS--I realize that it is now Thursday (though early!), and I have not yet photographed OR listed the bibs I promised would be up on Tues or Wed. Well that MAY end up being next week--depends on if the kiddos are still feverish and needing to be held constantly! :) And if our plans for this weekend go through or are rained upon. :P
Hahahaha--I guess what I am referring to above is from the post I ended up NOT posting the other day. Hmmmm--so sorry. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET when I do not sleep! :)

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