Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Propeller Onesies

Yes, Hubby and I are aviation geeks--the maps, the smell of avgas and jetfuel, the feeling just as a plane lifts off the ground....  I was a student pilot many, many moons ago, and he's qualified in both single engine airplanes and in helicopters. We're a match made in heaven! :)

Kiddos have the bug, too!  Bug was not even two years old when she had the chance to ride in the back of a Cessna.  She LOVED it, and cried when it was time to get out!  Both kids are getting close to identifying the different Army helicopters that fly in our area.  They go NUTS when they see ANYTHING flying--and Bug about went berserk when she saw her first bi-plane last weekend!  And what other two year old do you know that screams--"A CONTRAIL, Daddys, A contrail!"?  

Our love of aviation has led to many items in my shop.  Now I've added these sassy onesies to the mix--my Propeller Onesies! :)  I soooo love the prop of an airplane--it's gorgeous to me!  And these I made bright and bold--such a fun way to combine fabrics! :)  I currently have them in my etsy shop, and hope to add more to my 1000 markets shop later this week or next.

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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