Friday, April 10, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday I ironed. and ironed. and ironed.  I spent my whole morning ironing while the kids "played with rattlesnakes".  Not really, calm down!  We went to a local Rattlesnake Rodeo on Saturday (where we all tried alligator on a stick--kinda tough--Monster devoured it--gotta love the south!), and since, the kids have been pretending to see and play with rattlesnakes.  So while I ironed a huge stack of pretties and lots of fabric to continue sewing--they went rattlesnake hunting. :)  Made for a fun time!

I was gonna take a picture of my new stack of blankets and burp cloths--all those colors make me happy--but I didn't have the time.  (Too busy ironing--you getting the theme here?)  I'm dying that I can't/don't have time to list these new things.  I want to put them online--but I'm running out of time!  TroyFest is in 2 weeks!  Lots to do!

Two weeks ago, I stopped in to the Army Aviation Museum Gift Shop to see if they would be interested in consigning some of my baby items.  I left some items with them to look over, and the other day I called them to check back and see if they were interested.  WHOOHOO!  They already sold some of my things, and asked for me to make several more items for them to take with them to a Convention in May!!!! :)  So excited!  Of course, it's a little crazy--cause they need the items by the 29th--3 days after my craft show--hahahaha!  So my sewing has gotten more intense the past few days! :)  But I am so excited about this!  

Ok, gotta go get busy.

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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