Thursday, April 30, 2009


Weariness surrounds me.  Today it took awhile to hit--I actually had energy--then, BOOM, I didn't.  I always HOPE that the week after a craft fair, I won't be a zombie--and this time I really hoped it would be true--cause I wasn't psycho so much the week prior (as I have been in the past)--but the weariness is here nonetheless.  (And I have soooo much to do!!!!)

Two other things are contributing to this tiredness going on--one being my mom having surgery today to remove cancer.  scary.  And two being the scare my brother and sister-in-law had while baby I, my niece, was born.  It's been a hard, stressful week--worrying about all these people I love!  But the little pic of my chunky, beautiful niece has helped! :)

I've spent the week trying to figure out where to buy Tshirt blanks--so I can add appliqued Tshirts to my line of onesies. :)  It is really hard to commit to buy many of something, when I haven't been able to touch or feel or see what I am buying.  I finally found a place that has several of the brands I wanted to check out--and I bought one of each of their T's.  In Monster's size--so if I don't like them, at least I can make a shirt for him out of them--but they will be white--and Monster REALLY loves dirt....  I need to buy stock in the Stain Stick company, I tell you!  

What else is going on here...I have some bibs and burp cloths cut out, needing to be sewn--gotta build my stock back up!  I bought THE CUTEST ladybug fabric the other day--I made a bib and burp out of this last year--and with the white chenille back--it is to die for!  So sweet and pretty!  I also came home Sunday, got on my fabric coop, and bought 20 yards of fabrics! :)  I was holding off, waiting to see how much I'd make at TroyFest--and then I let go and bought! :)

Mmmm, the smell of lilacs is blowing through my back door....yummy! :)  

That's it!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

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