Friday, May 22, 2009

Graduation Presents

I had fun making these towel sets for some friends that graduate high school tomorrow!  Bug helped me pick the towels colors, and I chose the fabrics to go with.  I'm really thinking that I need to pick up some pretty towels and put OUR initials on them!  Bug seconds this thought!  She loves colorful and pretty things--just like her mama! :)  

MonsterBug Blankets

Memorial Weekend Sale!

I'm running a sale at MonsterBug Blankets this weekend--buy any three bibs and/or burp cloths for $25.  You can purchase the items, and I'll refund the $$, or you can write "waiting for invoice" in the notes to seller section at checkout, and I will send you a revised invoice.  Shipping is normal.  

Perfect gift for all those mommies-to-be!

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Monday, May 18, 2009

T shirts and more onesies

Giraffe Tshirts size 2T-5/6T

Star Onesies Newborn, S, M, L

I finally got some Tshirts made--5 of them today. :)  I have 2 of them above--the other three are giraffes, too. :)  Bug helped me pick out the colors.  The onesies I started on Saturday--just had to finish stitching the inside red fabric on the one star, then press and photograph.  I'm digging the one that's off-center.  It has a patch of my sister's jeans on it!  She's been sending me old pairs of jeans to use--so it was cool to use an upcycled piece of her clothing.  (Though mainly I used it because my fabric closet is sooo overflowing that I could NOT find the denim I KNEW was in there, and sis' jeans were near the top of the pile...)

I've been trying to figure out what other shapes to applique lately.  It's hard when I see so many fun ones on etsy, then I really don't want to copy them. :P  The stars I thought of because the 4th of July is on its way--and this coming weekend is Memorial Day--the beginning of the "patriotic season".  So these stars are red, white, and blue (with a little pink thrown it, too!), but they can be made in any color-combo.  I'm still thinking of others--I have a few in mind, just need to play around with them.

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mud Pies
It's been a good week. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Last month, my sister K called and asked if I could find some Harley-Davidson fabric to make a baby blanket for a friend of hers.  I found some on ebay--if it's not on ebay, it's not been made!--and it was cute, so I ordered two yards of it--one yard for her blanket, one to sell extra.  I'm so glad I did that, cause this fabric makes sweet baby items!  I made a bib, burp cloth, and second Cozy Blanket out of the extra yard, and listed them online.  This week, a lady emails me and wants to know if I could make a matching onesie...hmmmm...can't believe I hadn't thought of that earlier!  Especially nice--I had a long piece of this fabric about 5" high, that I couldn't use for anything--it has 15! good logos on it--so I have PLENTY to make onesies and Tshirts! :)  (Also, I just re-ordered more of this fabric, as I am nearly out!)

I sewed several bibs and burp cloths this week, and am adding online what wasn't already taken for orders.  Some of them were just back-ups to the ones I already have listed.  I'm realizing that in order to have a full shop, I need to keep listings online that I may not have made--and make them as they are ordered.  I've been watching those who sell ALOT on etsy, and they seem to do this--relist items that have sold, and make the same items over and over.  

When I ordered new fabrics after TroyFest, they all came in and were sooo pretty--and sooo PINK....  So I've been window shopping for boy fabrics this week. :)  Sooo many cute ones!  Rockets and dogs are on my list of favorites!

I got the Tshirts in on Monday--I now can make all my onesie designs on Tshirts--size 2T-5/6T!  YAH!  

:) MonsterBug Blankets

PS--the Harley-Baby items are for sale in my etsy shop.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Already?

Where did this week go???  We've been chilling out, mostly.  Lots of rain--so I try to sneak the kids outside when the sun peeks her way into our yard. :)  I've been trying to list more of my items into my etsy shop--what a LONG time that takes!  I have a window in the afternoons I've been using--but the views that time of day are horrible.  I need to make the listing, save it, and "finish" it in the evening, I guess.  Soo hard to wait! :)

I received the Tshirt samples this week, and made my decision for the ones I want to order. I love the ringspun Rabbit Skins T's!  They are super-soft, stay true to size when washed, and just are what I wanted!  I also tried the regular Rabbit Skins T's, Gildan T's, and Bella T's.  The regular rabbit skins and gildan shirts were good shirts--but the Bella ones were 1. girl shaped, and 2. SHRUNK!  

So I ordered T's to applique!  And more onesies, as I am almost out of them.  190 T's and onesies headed here early next week--where, oh where am I going to put all these?!?!  I went to Target yesterday to pick up another shelf for my fabric closet.  Next week I know what I am doing--pulling out EVERYTHING from my fabric closet, adding a shelf, re-arranging, purging, and hopefully having a home for all the T's, onesies, hoodies, and newest fabrics! :)  I also realized that I have ordered tons of girl fabrics in the past two weeks--but no boy fabrics.  yikes!  So my etsy favorites are full of boy fabrics right now! :)  I need to get some orders so I can SHOP! 

I was thinking yesterday.  If I spend one week a month working on onesies, another week on bibs, another on burp cloths...then I will have a REALLY good supply of items for the holiday craft fairs! :)  And I figured conservatively, too!  YAH!  There are a few shows I am interested in checking out--one in Montgomery that is supposed to be the largest one around.  That would be awesome!  I need to check out dates, costs, etc.  Very Verdant was talking about it yesterday.  Actually, she's been talking about it since some time last year!  If I can keep to my schedule, I probably would have enough items to do something big like that!  We'll have to see...I'd probably need to stay overnight up there, as it is 2 hours from home....

Lots of ideas, lots of plans! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

Monday, May 4, 2009

Changing Things Up

So, I've changed things up a bit.  I suppose since I can no longer re-arrange my house at will, I can use my online sites to do so!  And guess what--I did it in the middle of the night--same time I used to re-arrange!  hahaha!  I changed all my banners and avatars--took a picture of a pile of my Cozy Blankets--cropped it, wrote on it, and shrunk it as necessary. :)  I love the colors of these blankets! :)  I'm trying to get used to all my links being on the left side, though....

Still waiting on my T shirts to come--so I can make a decision about which ones to order.  Also I am waiting to hear from about buying chenille wholesale from them.  I wasn't expecting them to take so long to get back to me--so many other sites have online applications that are approved within 24 hours.  We'll see.  I really like buying from them--they are FAST in their shipping!  And I have an order that needs to mail out next Monday--so whether I get wholesale pricing or not, I NEED to buy chenille!  

I have been buying fabric left and right--whoohoo!  So many, many fun colors and prints!  I am bummed, however, that Amy Butler has discontinued her Lotus and Belle lines.  The fabric coop wasn't able to get any of her Full Moon fabrics on their last buy--they were already all gone. :(  I am so bummed!  I love the cherry and tangerine full moon dots!  Sooooo, I've spent $$ buying Michael Miller's Ta Dots fabrics--there are so many fun colors! :)  They are vibrant, and make great baby gift items! :)  

Last week was crazy for our family, and I guess Bug wanted in on the action--she broke her collar bone yesterday at church.  So guess what--Mommy is sewing a giraffe on her boring sling today!  She's been excited about that since she woke up!  Fabric is already picked out!  I'll show pics later....

:) MonsterBug Blankets