Monday, May 4, 2009

Changing Things Up

So, I've changed things up a bit.  I suppose since I can no longer re-arrange my house at will, I can use my online sites to do so!  And guess what--I did it in the middle of the night--same time I used to re-arrange!  hahaha!  I changed all my banners and avatars--took a picture of a pile of my Cozy Blankets--cropped it, wrote on it, and shrunk it as necessary. :)  I love the colors of these blankets! :)  I'm trying to get used to all my links being on the left side, though....

Still waiting on my T shirts to come--so I can make a decision about which ones to order.  Also I am waiting to hear from about buying chenille wholesale from them.  I wasn't expecting them to take so long to get back to me--so many other sites have online applications that are approved within 24 hours.  We'll see.  I really like buying from them--they are FAST in their shipping!  And I have an order that needs to mail out next Monday--so whether I get wholesale pricing or not, I NEED to buy chenille!  

I have been buying fabric left and right--whoohoo!  So many, many fun colors and prints!  I am bummed, however, that Amy Butler has discontinued her Lotus and Belle lines.  The fabric coop wasn't able to get any of her Full Moon fabrics on their last buy--they were already all gone. :(  I am so bummed!  I love the cherry and tangerine full moon dots!  Sooooo, I've spent $$ buying Michael Miller's Ta Dots fabrics--there are so many fun colors! :)  They are vibrant, and make great baby gift items! :)  

Last week was crazy for our family, and I guess Bug wanted in on the action--she broke her collar bone yesterday at church.  So guess what--Mommy is sewing a giraffe on her boring sling today!  She's been excited about that since she woke up!  Fabric is already picked out!  I'll show pics later....

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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Very Verdant said...

Oh poor Bug!!!!...I can not believe you did not call! You are in such big trouble for that one, Oh Yeah!

Tell her we love her and hope she is all better soon.