Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Already?

Where did this week go???  We've been chilling out, mostly.  Lots of rain--so I try to sneak the kids outside when the sun peeks her way into our yard. :)  I've been trying to list more of my items into my etsy shop--what a LONG time that takes!  I have a window in the afternoons I've been using--but the views that time of day are horrible.  I need to make the listing, save it, and "finish" it in the evening, I guess.  Soo hard to wait! :)

I received the Tshirt samples this week, and made my decision for the ones I want to order. I love the ringspun Rabbit Skins T's!  They are super-soft, stay true to size when washed, and just are what I wanted!  I also tried the regular Rabbit Skins T's, Gildan T's, and Bella T's.  The regular rabbit skins and gildan shirts were good shirts--but the Bella ones were 1. girl shaped, and 2. SHRUNK!  

So I ordered T's to applique!  And more onesies, as I am almost out of them.  190 T's and onesies headed here early next week--where, oh where am I going to put all these?!?!  I went to Target yesterday to pick up another shelf for my fabric closet.  Next week I know what I am doing--pulling out EVERYTHING from my fabric closet, adding a shelf, re-arranging, purging, and hopefully having a home for all the T's, onesies, hoodies, and newest fabrics! :)  I also realized that I have ordered tons of girl fabrics in the past two weeks--but no boy fabrics.  yikes!  So my etsy favorites are full of boy fabrics right now! :)  I need to get some orders so I can SHOP! 

I was thinking yesterday.  If I spend one week a month working on onesies, another week on bibs, another on burp cloths...then I will have a REALLY good supply of items for the holiday craft fairs! :)  And I figured conservatively, too!  YAH!  There are a few shows I am interested in checking out--one in Montgomery that is supposed to be the largest one around.  That would be awesome!  I need to check out dates, costs, etc.  Very Verdant was talking about it yesterday.  Actually, she's been talking about it since some time last year!  If I can keep to my schedule, I probably would have enough items to do something big like that!  We'll have to see...I'd probably need to stay overnight up there, as it is 2 hours from home....

Lots of ideas, lots of plans! :)

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Very Verdant said...

Hey you! B &/or K will be with me in Montgomery and would love to help out for those all important "breaks and errands". Just a thought that you might want to keep in the back recesses of your mind!