Monday, May 18, 2009

T shirts and more onesies

Giraffe Tshirts size 2T-5/6T

Star Onesies Newborn, S, M, L

I finally got some Tshirts made--5 of them today. :)  I have 2 of them above--the other three are giraffes, too. :)  Bug helped me pick out the colors.  The onesies I started on Saturday--just had to finish stitching the inside red fabric on the one star, then press and photograph.  I'm digging the one that's off-center.  It has a patch of my sister's jeans on it!  She's been sending me old pairs of jeans to use--so it was cool to use an upcycled piece of her clothing.  (Though mainly I used it because my fabric closet is sooo overflowing that I could NOT find the denim I KNEW was in there, and sis' jeans were near the top of the pile...)

I've been trying to figure out what other shapes to applique lately.  It's hard when I see so many fun ones on etsy, then I really don't want to copy them. :P  The stars I thought of because the 4th of July is on its way--and this coming weekend is Memorial Day--the beginning of the "patriotic season".  So these stars are red, white, and blue (with a little pink thrown it, too!), but they can be made in any color-combo.  I'm still thinking of others--I have a few in mind, just need to play around with them.

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