Monday, June 29, 2009


It's summer, and it seems to be time for the blahs creatively. I'm surrounded by gorgeous fabrics and plenty of projects, yet I have no desire to work on anything. I should be working on hoodies and long sleeved onesies and T's for the fall, yet I can't seem to get any ideas flowing. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but mostly I just realize that this has happened the past two summers and I need to just give in to it. I need to rest, and enjoy my family, and do other things. I feel a little lost, and get worried I'll never want to sew again. But it's come back in the past, so I hope and believe it will come back again.

I have a custom order to work on the next two weeks anyway, a crib bumper, skirt, and sheet set. This will be something new to do, and will be nice. A little something to keep me busy, and maybe in a few weeks, or another month, I'll be ready to just sew my little heart away.

I'll show pictures when I'm done with the crib set, and will post more when the creative juices flow again. They seem to come in the fall for me. :) Maybe because I'm so in love with the fall (and because I so hate summer?).

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Thursday, June 18, 2009

After the Vacation

I had a good visit last week with a dear friend--and our kids got along wonderfully! I ordered yummies from Nikid (on etsy) for our quiet moments--hahahaha--if you believe we had any quiet moments with 5 kids running around! :) So for our--I've had it up to here--moments! Surprisingly, the kids were so busy playing, they didn't notice our noshing on gourmet chocolates!

And yes, I forgot AGAIN to use my Christmas gift card at Joanns. :P Three times now.... And we had fun at Ikea--oh, how I needed a gift card there! I brought home Swedish coffee and Lingonberry jam--yum, yum! And picture frames galore, an orange bath mat that was SUPPOSED to be used in my kids' bathroom, but somehow made it only to my own... I bought Christmas presents for the kids in the marvelous toy section--European toys are so amazing! And yes, they had my lovely hippo fabrics! YAH! The baby stuff there made me want to have another wee one--just so I could stock up on super-cute baby toys!

I've been busy since we got back--VBS is this week, so the kids have been shuttled back and forth. Man, are they worn out after all that FUN! I've been sewing--though not as much as I had hoped!--and getting pics taken for a custom order. I've been a nurse to my sick husband. :( Poor guy! And trying to get the house in order--cause it gets crazy in here quickly! We still haven't unpacked, either.... I took a car load of stuff to the Salvation Army this week--it had over-taken my sewing room! And I cleaned out Bug's closet--whew--3 trash bags later....

Busy next week, too--we have some family coming for a visit! :) Can't wait! (And the kids don't know yet--hahaha!)

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Vacation

Last minute, the kids and I decided to take a little vacation to see friends in Tampa.  YAH!  Guess what is in Tampa, besides wonderful friends?  A brand-new Ikea--with cute, cute hippo fabric (I hope!), and a super-sized Joanns--like almost walmart sized (well, a smaller walmart, but still...).  Maybe THIS time I will remember to use my Christmas gift card at Joanns???  

It's going to be a hot, steamy week--but it's like that here at home, too, so little change between the two places!  Kids will have other kids to play with, a baby--who's almost not a baby anymore--to coo over, and a change of scenery. :)  nice!  And momma is going to have adult conversation ALL DAY LONG!  And wonderful yummies from Nikid's goodie shop!!!  I bought us a sampler.... :)  She adds dry ice for a few dollars more--much needed when the goodies travel to Tampa.

Hope ya'll have a great week! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Shirts

"I am THIS many"
Big Sister
Little Sister
Some new shirts I've worked on this week.  A customer contacted me about making some shirts for her girls. :)  Her oldest is about to turn 3, and so I tried to think of a birthday shirt (that hadn't already been done).  I love how when you ask a little one how old they are, they hold up their chubby fingers and say, "I am THIS many!"  It is too precious!  So I used Monster's almost 3 yr old hands as a pattern, and made the fabric hands double-sided--so when the thumb and pinky come together, you see the back fabric. :)

I tried to pattern the big sis/lil sis girls after stick drawings.  I think I need to add a little bow to their heads...  All those letters to sew around was a bit painful.  Lots of starting and stopping, lots of curves.  Definitely took more time than my normal appliques.  I charged a bit more for those. I can't wait to do boy ones, though! :)  Cute, cute!  

I'm also thinking of doing some ice cream appliques....  I can picture them in my head--just hope the idea translates well! :)  

Oh--fun news--my Green Towel Set made it to the front page of etsy on Monday!  for a whole hour during lunch--whoohoo!  My first time EVER on the front page!  (A day I figured would never happen.)  It was in an admin curated treasury of graduation gifts. :)  I secretly think it was to appease me for their politically correct treatment of Memorial Day.  Their, yah for Memorial Day--lets honor the foreign etsy sellers.  huh?  Isn't Memorial Day a day to honor our US military, past and present?  But, that is an issue that's been dealt with, and laid to rest....sort of....

:) MonsterBug Blankets