Thursday, June 18, 2009

After the Vacation

I had a good visit last week with a dear friend--and our kids got along wonderfully! I ordered yummies from Nikid (on etsy) for our quiet moments--hahahaha--if you believe we had any quiet moments with 5 kids running around! :) So for our--I've had it up to here--moments! Surprisingly, the kids were so busy playing, they didn't notice our noshing on gourmet chocolates!

And yes, I forgot AGAIN to use my Christmas gift card at Joanns. :P Three times now.... And we had fun at Ikea--oh, how I needed a gift card there! I brought home Swedish coffee and Lingonberry jam--yum, yum! And picture frames galore, an orange bath mat that was SUPPOSED to be used in my kids' bathroom, but somehow made it only to my own... I bought Christmas presents for the kids in the marvelous toy section--European toys are so amazing! And yes, they had my lovely hippo fabrics! YAH! The baby stuff there made me want to have another wee one--just so I could stock up on super-cute baby toys!

I've been busy since we got back--VBS is this week, so the kids have been shuttled back and forth. Man, are they worn out after all that FUN! I've been sewing--though not as much as I had hoped!--and getting pics taken for a custom order. I've been a nurse to my sick husband. :( Poor guy! And trying to get the house in order--cause it gets crazy in here quickly! We still haven't unpacked, either.... I took a car load of stuff to the Salvation Army this week--it had over-taken my sewing room! And I cleaned out Bug's closet--whew--3 trash bags later....

Busy next week, too--we have some family coming for a visit! :) Can't wait! (And the kids don't know yet--hahaha!)

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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