Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Vacation

Last minute, the kids and I decided to take a little vacation to see friends in Tampa.  YAH!  Guess what is in Tampa, besides wonderful friends?  A brand-new Ikea--with cute, cute hippo fabric (I hope!), and a super-sized Joanns--like almost walmart sized (well, a smaller walmart, but still...).  Maybe THIS time I will remember to use my Christmas gift card at Joanns???  

It's going to be a hot, steamy week--but it's like that here at home, too, so little change between the two places!  Kids will have other kids to play with, a baby--who's almost not a baby anymore--to coo over, and a change of scenery. :)  nice!  And momma is going to have adult conversation ALL DAY LONG!  And wonderful yummies from Nikid's goodie shop!!!  I bought us a sampler.... :)  She adds dry ice for a few dollars more--much needed when the goodies travel to Tampa.

Hope ya'll have a great week! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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Enjoy your vacation!
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