Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Shirts

"I am THIS many"
Big Sister
Little Sister
Some new shirts I've worked on this week.  A customer contacted me about making some shirts for her girls. :)  Her oldest is about to turn 3, and so I tried to think of a birthday shirt (that hadn't already been done).  I love how when you ask a little one how old they are, they hold up their chubby fingers and say, "I am THIS many!"  It is too precious!  So I used Monster's almost 3 yr old hands as a pattern, and made the fabric hands double-sided--so when the thumb and pinky come together, you see the back fabric. :)

I tried to pattern the big sis/lil sis girls after stick drawings.  I think I need to add a little bow to their heads...  All those letters to sew around was a bit painful.  Lots of starting and stopping, lots of curves.  Definitely took more time than my normal appliques.  I charged a bit more for those. I can't wait to do boy ones, though! :)  Cute, cute!  

I'm also thinking of doing some ice cream appliques....  I can picture them in my head--just hope the idea translates well! :)  

Oh--fun news--my Green Towel Set made it to the front page of etsy on Monday!  for a whole hour during lunch--whoohoo!  My first time EVER on the front page!  (A day I figured would never happen.)  It was in an admin curated treasury of graduation gifts. :)  I secretly think it was to appease me for their politically correct treatment of Memorial Day.  Their, yah for Memorial Day--lets honor the foreign etsy sellers.  huh?  Isn't Memorial Day a day to honor our US military, past and present?  But, that is an issue that's been dealt with, and laid to rest....sort of....

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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