Monday, June 29, 2009


It's summer, and it seems to be time for the blahs creatively. I'm surrounded by gorgeous fabrics and plenty of projects, yet I have no desire to work on anything. I should be working on hoodies and long sleeved onesies and T's for the fall, yet I can't seem to get any ideas flowing. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but mostly I just realize that this has happened the past two summers and I need to just give in to it. I need to rest, and enjoy my family, and do other things. I feel a little lost, and get worried I'll never want to sew again. But it's come back in the past, so I hope and believe it will come back again.

I have a custom order to work on the next two weeks anyway, a crib bumper, skirt, and sheet set. This will be something new to do, and will be nice. A little something to keep me busy, and maybe in a few weeks, or another month, I'll be ready to just sew my little heart away.

I'll show pictures when I'm done with the crib set, and will post more when the creative juices flow again. They seem to come in the fall for me. :) Maybe because I'm so in love with the fall (and because I so hate summer?).

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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