Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Items

I've been meaning to make my niece some personalized items, and was able to work on them this week. I've also listed the items as custom orders in my shops--yah! :) They can be made for boys or girls--and I have fabrics to choose from, too! I also have Tshirts in 2T-5T.

The kids and I are outside enjoying probably the MILDEST summer ever in Alabama. But the mosquitos are horrendous! I'm slathered in natural bug repellant, and they are still devouring me.

Enjoy the weekend!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Before my husband left the military, and we regularly shopped the commissary on post, I used to luck out and buy 50lb boxes of bananas for $2-3. They were over-ripe, and I'd swipe them up. I had a baby then, and she loved mashed bananas. I froze the bananas before they went bad, and would use them to bake with, too. Then we moved into our current house--out of army housing--YAH! And somehow we started making smoothies with those frozen bananas. Probably daddy started it--but then Bug and I would have one quite often! Some yogurt, some fruit, a frozen banana, and a little milk. Or, she would eat a frozen half banana. She called them her "colds". :) Cleaning frozen, goopy, banana junk off a 1 yr old is similar to sloshing boogers around--but she loved eating the frozen bananas.

I'm guessing we stopped buying bananas in bulk when our commissary privileges ended (and by the time we got them back through the reserves, the commissary only sold VERY green bananas), and somehow I forgot about our yummy smoothies. Till I was in starbucks 2 weeks ago, and had one of their banana strawberry concoctions. It was ok. Mine are better! So today, at walmart, I picked up 3 bunches of bananas--2 very ripe ones, one good for eating--and I popped the ripe bananas in the freezer. I used one banana, added 3 nice sized strawberries, milk, a large dollop of vanilla yogurt, and some ice cubes for thickness--cause the banana wasn't fully frozen. YUM! Bet it would be tasty with peaches or pineapple and some chocolate!

I couldn't wait to make one tonight--and yum--it was delicious. Now I want another!

:) MonsterBug Blankets

PS--yes, I am sewing a little bit. Mostly buying fabric, though. Oh, and I didn't even show you my latest--silly me! I'm making appliqued hoodies--sizes 18mo-youth 10-12. :) They are GREAT for back to school!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

hmmm, maybe the muse is returning?

I'm starting to get a few ideas for sewing again. Maybe the muse is returning? I wish! I hope to work on some hoodies this week. I wasn't sure what to sew onto them--but now I'm thinking of personalizing them with an initial. That would be fun! :) I have a bunch in stock--need to check the sizes, though. (It's dark in the fabric closet--due to a burned out light!) I'm also checking on larger sizes, as I *think* my sizes only run into 5T.

I'm also hoping to start a monthly newsletter soon! I found some info on 1000 markets about different newsletter sites--their strengths and weaknesses. It would be nice to get that set up and going! (And if anyone is interested in signing up--email me: monsterbugblankets at yahoo dot com)

That's it for today!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

Monday, July 6, 2009

the 4th, well, the 3rd...

We celebrated our nation's independence on the 3rd of July this year. Ft Rucker, the home of Army Aviation, and our next town over, wanted their soldiers to actually have a weekend off--so they had the foresight to celebrate this holiday a day early. :) This had the effect of messing with mine and hubby's internal clock all weekend, but that is ok!

In school the past couple of weeks, I've been talking about Independence Day some with the kids. (Oh, we homeschool, and the kids and I sit on our couch about 2-3 times a week to learn new things.) They learned a little about the American Flag--to the point that little Monster hollers "AMERICAN FLAG, MOMMY!" every time he sees one. Which is ALOT with the whole holiday thing happening right now! :) They even had an impromptu lesson at the mall a couple of weeks ago, as they wanted to play in all the flags and swing on them, etc! So we talked about respecting the flag...

It was wonderful on the night of the 3rd, as the 98th Army Band struck up our National Anthem, to teach my daughter to put her hand over her heart, to listen, to not talk--you know, all the respectful things we are to do when our country's anthem is played. And there we were, with thousands of soldiers, families, veterans, and civilians--singing our national anthem, and teaching our children how to honor and respect and enjoy this gorgeous song! (And yes, the tears welled up in my eyes, as always when I hear our Anthem!)

Then we sat on the ground in the cooling night, and listened to the band play other songs. Bug was enthralled with the conductor's baton--so much so, that she has adopted her American Flag pole (where the flag part is, I have NO idea!) as HER conductor baton--and now leads the music coming from Monster's radio!

After about 40 minutes, we headed back to our car to watch the fireworks. It was about a 10 minute walk, and we weren't up to dealing with the mad rush to leave after the fireworks. So we parked just past where they were lighting the fireworks, and found a relatively red ant-free spot to put out our quilt in an empty field. There were cars lining the field, and people in and around the cars--but no one else was out in the field with us. And man, did they miss out! Honestly, if we had paid all the money in the world to have a fireworks display catered specifically to where we were lying in this field--we could not have had it better! The wind was just right, and our location was perfect--the fireworks exploded directly overhead. Some of them were coming down a bit lower than made me comfortable--and the ash was all over our car to prove it! But it was gorgeous! A night to remember! All four of us, lying on the quilt together, all cozy--sharing the wonderful evening together! :)

So that was our celebration of the 4th--on the 3rd. :) The real 4th was somewhat more subdued!

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July to the Homefront Team

An article Teri Keys and I worked on is now featured in the Storque on Etsy. It's about the 4th of July, and is an interview with some of The Homefront Team. The Homefront Team is comprised of veterans, spouses, and significant others of our military. I am soooo excited!!! :)

Beach Bag

Sooo, I am in need of a beach bag. Our 3 year old, monster-sized basket I bought at Publix in Orlando has broken. The handle broke on it. I wanted to cry--cause it's been THE perfect bag! It sits in Bug's closet, always ready. It holds sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, a wet bag. Bathing suits and towels, pool and sand toys, child wetsuits, and a couple of child life preservers. It's a big basket! I like that I never have to go around, searching for the items I need before we head out to the pool, beach, lake, or springs--everything is right there!

But now, with a broken handle, I am searching for the new, perfect bag. It needs to be large, obviously! I need a couple of pockets--for the sunscreen and stuff, and also for my cell phone and wallet. I'd like it to close at the top, maybe--though I'm thinking that would be difficult with all I want to stuff in it. :) Sturdy handles. I started looking on etsy for beach bags--oh heavens! It's always been hard to search on etsy because of how they rely on tags--all kinds of odds and ends stuff end up in your search. But now they seem to have turned off the ability to say "beach bags NOT blanket NOT wet bag". They turned off the "not"???!!! What a PAIN! So I narrowed the search a bit by searching for orange beach bags. :) As orange is such a favorite color for me. Then, I saw an oilcloth bag in the search--and thought--wouldn't an oilcloth bag be THE BEST!!!! So 23 pages of oilcloth bags later (that I couldn't search with "not lunchbag"), I chose a bazillion favorites. But not THE ONE.

So I went to bed last night, thinking of all the pretty bags I saw. And then I thought of the 19 yards of oilcloth I have sitting in my fabric closet, since I am unsure if I can use it for children's picnic blankets because of all the CPSIA legislation. Hmmmm, should I attempt to make my OWN beach bag??? I fell asleep trying to remember what patterned oilcloth I bought, and what one pattern would look like with another.... :) What a way to conk out! I don't know IF I'll end up making the bag, or if I will keep searching for one, but it sure is fun to design things! And it made for a good night's sleep.

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Edited: So my cousin mentioned the XL Lands End Canvas totes. She said a child can fit inside--hahaha--and claims she "heard" this, but hasn't experienced it with one of her four kids. Not sure if I'm believing that, but, I'm grateful for the visual of how big the bag is! I have always been in love with the canvas Lands End bags, yet always wondered what exactly I'd use one for. So I followed her link, and the XL tote in persimmon and natural was on sale for $19! What a DEAL! I bought two! And I plan on adding some sort of an applique when they arrive--my initials or something--we'll see! (And yes, I KNOW they monogram for a good price--but I want to add my own touch to them!) Thanks, M! :)