Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach Bag

Sooo, I am in need of a beach bag. Our 3 year old, monster-sized basket I bought at Publix in Orlando has broken. The handle broke on it. I wanted to cry--cause it's been THE perfect bag! It sits in Bug's closet, always ready. It holds sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, a wet bag. Bathing suits and towels, pool and sand toys, child wetsuits, and a couple of child life preservers. It's a big basket! I like that I never have to go around, searching for the items I need before we head out to the pool, beach, lake, or springs--everything is right there!

But now, with a broken handle, I am searching for the new, perfect bag. It needs to be large, obviously! I need a couple of pockets--for the sunscreen and stuff, and also for my cell phone and wallet. I'd like it to close at the top, maybe--though I'm thinking that would be difficult with all I want to stuff in it. :) Sturdy handles. I started looking on etsy for beach bags--oh heavens! It's always been hard to search on etsy because of how they rely on tags--all kinds of odds and ends stuff end up in your search. But now they seem to have turned off the ability to say "beach bags NOT blanket NOT wet bag". They turned off the "not"???!!! What a PAIN! So I narrowed the search a bit by searching for orange beach bags. :) As orange is such a favorite color for me. Then, I saw an oilcloth bag in the search--and thought--wouldn't an oilcloth bag be THE BEST!!!! So 23 pages of oilcloth bags later (that I couldn't search with "not lunchbag"), I chose a bazillion favorites. But not THE ONE.

So I went to bed last night, thinking of all the pretty bags I saw. And then I thought of the 19 yards of oilcloth I have sitting in my fabric closet, since I am unsure if I can use it for children's picnic blankets because of all the CPSIA legislation. Hmmmm, should I attempt to make my OWN beach bag??? I fell asleep trying to remember what patterned oilcloth I bought, and what one pattern would look like with another.... :) What a way to conk out! I don't know IF I'll end up making the bag, or if I will keep searching for one, but it sure is fun to design things! And it made for a good night's sleep.

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Edited: So my cousin mentioned the XL Lands End Canvas totes. She said a child can fit inside--hahaha--and claims she "heard" this, but hasn't experienced it with one of her four kids. Not sure if I'm believing that, but, I'm grateful for the visual of how big the bag is! I have always been in love with the canvas Lands End bags, yet always wondered what exactly I'd use one for. So I followed her link, and the XL tote in persimmon and natural was on sale for $19! What a DEAL! I bought two! And I plan on adding some sort of an applique when they arrive--my initials or something--we'll see! (And yes, I KNOW they monogram for a good price--but I want to add my own touch to them!) Thanks, M! :)


The Chameleons Attic said...

Post a pic of your bag! That way we know what to keep an eye out for.


LilacAve said...

you're too cute. Give it a go, you know what you want!