Saturday, July 11, 2009

hmmm, maybe the muse is returning?

I'm starting to get a few ideas for sewing again. Maybe the muse is returning? I wish! I hope to work on some hoodies this week. I wasn't sure what to sew onto them--but now I'm thinking of personalizing them with an initial. That would be fun! :) I have a bunch in stock--need to check the sizes, though. (It's dark in the fabric closet--due to a burned out light!) I'm also checking on larger sizes, as I *think* my sizes only run into 5T.

I'm also hoping to start a monthly newsletter soon! I found some info on 1000 markets about different newsletter sites--their strengths and weaknesses. It would be nice to get that set up and going! (And if anyone is interested in signing up--email me: monsterbugblankets at yahoo dot com)

That's it for today!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

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