Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Before my husband left the military, and we regularly shopped the commissary on post, I used to luck out and buy 50lb boxes of bananas for $2-3. They were over-ripe, and I'd swipe them up. I had a baby then, and she loved mashed bananas. I froze the bananas before they went bad, and would use them to bake with, too. Then we moved into our current house--out of army housing--YAH! And somehow we started making smoothies with those frozen bananas. Probably daddy started it--but then Bug and I would have one quite often! Some yogurt, some fruit, a frozen banana, and a little milk. Or, she would eat a frozen half banana. She called them her "colds". :) Cleaning frozen, goopy, banana junk off a 1 yr old is similar to sloshing boogers around--but she loved eating the frozen bananas.

I'm guessing we stopped buying bananas in bulk when our commissary privileges ended (and by the time we got them back through the reserves, the commissary only sold VERY green bananas), and somehow I forgot about our yummy smoothies. Till I was in starbucks 2 weeks ago, and had one of their banana strawberry concoctions. It was ok. Mine are better! So today, at walmart, I picked up 3 bunches of bananas--2 very ripe ones, one good for eating--and I popped the ripe bananas in the freezer. I used one banana, added 3 nice sized strawberries, milk, a large dollop of vanilla yogurt, and some ice cubes for thickness--cause the banana wasn't fully frozen. YUM! Bet it would be tasty with peaches or pineapple and some chocolate!

I couldn't wait to make one tonight--and yum--it was delicious. Now I want another!

:) MonsterBug Blankets

PS--yes, I am sewing a little bit. Mostly buying fabric, though. Oh, and I didn't even show you my latest--silly me! I'm making appliqued hoodies--sizes 18mo-youth 10-12. :) They are GREAT for back to school!

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