Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Old Ice House Antique Store

MonsterBug Blankets' Bookcase at The Old Ice House
Bibs+Burp Cloths
Sassy Onesies + Cozy Blankets
Cozy Blankets + Diaper Holders + Fish Lovies
Child Friendly Christmas Ornaments
Above are about half of my goodies--all for sale at The Old Ice House Antiques Shop in Headland, Alabama. :) (It's actually the old ice house for the town!) I rented out this bookcase in an antiques/vintage/handmade shop--it's soooo cool--if they sold coffee and books, I'd probably only leave to go buy fabric. :)

I found this place last week on my afternoon out and about. I needed to go somewhere still and quiet--needed to have my soul fed. I wasn't sure where to go, but then remembered the Koinonia Kaffe in Headland--and there I headed. The drive there, in the countryside, is wonderful--the sky is so BIG, the farmland is gorgeous, and there's always the chance to see airplanes on short final overhead and trains running alongside the road. :) As I got out of my car to get some coffee and a yummy sandwich, I saw the sign for the Old Ice House, and was interested--I always love to look through antique stores! As I stepped inside, there were gorgeous antiques AND handmade items--wow! I've been looking for such a shop for so long! After chatting with the owner and her mom, and getting my questions answered, I went home to think, pray, and discuss with Hubby about selling there. I was sooooo excited, I could NOT fall asleep until 345am! (And Monster promptly woke me at 6!)

I have a bazillion ideas of things I want to make specifically for this shop, but for now I am using the stock already made. Hubby and I talked about craft fairs this fall, and we both agreed that this fall is way too chaotic to add craft fair prep into the mix! So for now, I will work on some Halloween onesies ("BOO") to put into The Old Ice House, some Christmas gifts and items to list in my shop, and other ideas that are rolling around in my brain! :) And also, I will build stock to hopefully sell at TroyFest this coming spring! I have PLENTY of time to prep for that now, don't I!?!

Soooo, if you decide to head towards Headland, AL, stop by The Old Ice House, and see what goodies are in there! It is just off the city square, a few stores to the right of the Koinonia Kaffe! (31 Grove Street)

:) MonsterBug Blankets

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fish Plush Lovey

I've been trying to think of baby toys to make. I have a cute idea for a Lolly Dolly, but really, I am not excited by the need to hand sew all those eyes and mouths! So one night, late, just as I was drifting off to neverland, I thought about making this Fish Lovey. It measures approximately 5"x7"--plus ribbons. It is colorful, with ribbon loops to play with, and a soft chenille back. I love how it turned out! Now, I did try (again) to make a flower lovey--but (again) it didn't turn out how I envisioned. :P I have another idea I want to try for the flower, but it may be awhile before I get to it.

I'm adding some more bibs and burp cloths to my 1000 Markets Shop next week. I sewed a bunch last week, and got some pictures taken in between thunderstorms the other day! (It's been storming on and off for about 2 weeks now!)

Some exciting news--1000 Markets just sent out about 25 boxes for a PR Campaign. Inside were postcards showcasing several of the Markets--and one of my Cozy Blankets was on the back of the Child's Play Market postcard! YAH! BUT--my friend Beth's shop (The Yarn Chick) made the FRONT of the postcard! Her little girl was wearing one of her hats--too cute!

:) MonsterBug Blankets