Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's been a very busy week. We came home from vacation last week Monday evening. And right into craziness I walked. It was evident from the very moment I awoke last week Tuesday that the vacation was over. My sewing room looked like a Toys R Us explosion. Add in a few clothes, too! My to do list at home and for MonsterBug Blankets seemed insurmountable. I wanted to hole up somewhere and stay safe. :) I've been working and working and working on my to do lists. And today feels right. I feel sane. It MAY have something to do with FINALLY getting my clean laundry folded! The lists are still there--but my sewing room is clean, and the upstairs hallway has 2 baskets of folded, clean clothes (another basket is on my bed, and there's a pile of folded linens upstairs, too--lots of bedding washed over the past week!). I also sent out 5 or 6 boxes and envelopes the past two days, and added new stock to my bookcase at The Old Ice House. Whew! Now I feel like I can breathe! Much more to do--but the house is somewhat livable again--and that is important! ;)

MonsterBug Blankets

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