Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's new around here!

The view from the back of our vacation home--Fairview--Amherst, VA
Pumpkin Chunky Crayons
Truck Tshirts and Onesies
Apple Onesies
Halloween Onesies and Tshirts
It's been busy here--getting orders ready before we left for vacation--and remembering to make Monster's birthday shirts the morning we left! The green one with the truck (above) is his! He also has a navy blue shirt with a 3 on the front--I'll have to post pics later--I think it's cute. :) I've been trying to stock the Old Ice House Antiques Shop with new items--the apple onesies I made for there, and this week I'll work on getting some Alabama and Auburn baby gear in there. The Halloween Pumpkin Crayons are just too fun! I saw the mold in Walmart yesterday--and HAD to have it. I also bought up the very last of their school supply crayons. I hope I have enough to last me through Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter! I think I bought 135 boxes.....maybe I need to check other Walmarts, too? What else...the Boo onesies and T's--not sure I posted them before. I can do them on white or grey shirts. I still have Turtle applique shirts and a Tow Truck.... I've had a couple of orders for just the appliques in the past couple of days--that has been fun! One was for a girly crown--working out the details, but should have pictures soon.

Our vacation was lovely--we stayed in Fairview, in Amherst, VA. Man, was it gorgeous! And the VIEW! TO.DIE.FOR! I miss the Blue Ridge Mountains--I grew up in them! It was wonderful to see the mountains change all through the day! We visited Natural Bridge, Charlottesville, Dickie Brother's Orchard, Crabtree Falls, went fishing in Lynchburg, and visited Amazement Square and the Depot Grill, and had a family wedding, two family birthdays, and saw both Great-Grandmas. We stayed in two different KOA Kabins on the way up and the way back, too--ahhhh--wonderful! One was in Cleveland, TN, the other in Cherokee, NC. The kids enjoyed the bunk beds! We liked it way better than staying in a hotel.

Now we're home, and it is back to work! I'm still trying to get the house put back together--somehow nearly our entire car top carrier was full of toys on the trip home....grandparents, aunts, and uncles spoiled the wee ones ROTTEN! Not sure where all the Lightening McQueens and Monster Trucks are going to go....

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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MOnster, your vacation sounds wonderful and when hubby and I stay at the B&B's I never want to leave....He has to carry and I'm holding onto the banister all the way down...screaming.."I don't want to go..." HEHEHHE


Teri's Treasures said...

Great new items! I hope you have enough crayons too!

Flan@Dliche Gateaux said...

Great photos! It's nice to know that the whole family enjoyed the vacation ;)