Friday, October 16, 2009

New Onesies

Gingerbread House
Some new onesies I worked on this week. The monkeys were something I thought up while trying to figure out what to make for a friend's baby shower. She's having a girl--and I wanted something new to give her. I still need to make a matching burp cloth--and I picked up a copy of Good Night Moon, as it is one of my very favorites!

The gingerbread house pic is hard to tell--but the little window is mint green gingham--so cute! Looks like a little mint! I have an idea for a gingerbread boy, but until I have time to play around and see if it works--I just don't know. Sometimes ideas in my head turn out better than what I pictured--and sometimes they turn out horrible! I'm thinking I'll prefer the gingerbread house on a navy blue'll add a little something. My kids like the "candy" I put on the house!

We've had a few changes the past few weeks. Things have gotten very, very busy with MonsterBug Blankets--and while I am thrilled that my business is becoming successful--sometimes success knocks priorities out of order. And out of order makes for a grumpy family. So after much prayer and then talking with my husband, the decision has been made to stop selling online until after the holidays. So my 1000 Markets shop will be closed soon--hopefully just for a bit--until I can figure out how to do everything--hahaha! Or rather, until I can keep my priorities in order! But if you keep peeking in here, I'll show pictures of what I'm busy making and creating! Cause I hope to sell again at TroyFest this coming April--and boy, do I have ALOT of sewing to do for then!

:) MonsterBug Blankets