Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where I am now

I suppose I should write more. But it's been a rough few weeks--even longer--a rough few months! So full of busyness and changes and vacations (yah!) and sickness (yuck). For the first time since August, I feel like I can breathe. I don't feel the to do list is going to suffocate me when I am not looking. It is a nice feeling. It was HARD to close down my shops for the best shopping season--BUT--the sanity is returning--and to me, that is more important than some money. I'm also enjoying my December--simple, peaceful, full of family and God. This is what I've wanted.

The kids and I are thoroughly enjoying this nativity set by Under My Umbrella:
We set the pieces on the table and chat about all the characters, I read a bit from the Bible--Luke, and now Matthew, then the kids draw pictures in a blank book, and narrate the story and picture to me. It's fun and precious--and the kids adore it! I really should purchase the angel and stable from her, too!

And then we're loving this matching game by Merry Blues Art!
Her artwork is GORGEOUS! We played twice today--Bug wanted to go on and on--she is a game-playing-fool! Monster was done, though! I hope she comes out with a spring game! (She does have an autumn one, but I'm not a fan of some of the symbols she chose. Just me, though--I'm sure others will love it!)

I have a few new items I've been working on for MonsterBug Blankets, but no photos. Product photos have stressed me out lately--so in the spirit of slowing down, I've avoided taking them! ;) I have puppy dogs to show off later!

The other day, I scored 67 Heather Purple Toddler T's--for spring (and definitely girly) appliqued T's! I was soooooo excited, as I stalked those shirts for 6 weeks--till they went on super-clearance! I also found a wonderful new supplier for Tshirts--Monag. Their quality is amazing, and they have wonderful colors to choose from! I'm not sure when I'll place an order with them, as I have an abundance of Tshirts I ordered last year still hanging out in my fabric closet! But I'm excited about the switch-over! They also have some sweet dresses and jeans that make my brain do crazy things--like want to stay up all night thinking of new items to introduce!

A friend told me about a great craft fair in Tallahassee every year--Market Days. It sounds amazing, though it is a million times bigger than any other show I've done thus far! (Ok, little, tiny exaggeration, maybe just 100,000 times? hahaha!) The show claims to have between 19,000-22,000 attendees, so about 2-3 times the size of TroyFest. The fees are bigger, plus I'd have to pay for somewhere to spend the night....though I believe there is a KOA in tallahassee.... Anyway, just ideas running through my head right now--maybe a show I can do in the future. I'm not sure that in this coming year I even have the time to make enough product to sell at that large of a show! (and yes, I've mapped out the weeks and the amount I could feasibly sew between now and next December!)

Thanks for peeking--I'm alive and well--the kids and hubby are, too! And we're busy just doing family stuff for now. Maybe come January, I'll be in a place where I can reopen my online shops. Maybe not. We'll pray and see!

:) MonsterBug Blankets