Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Owl shirts!

Can it be that I'm writing a second posting in a month--AND including pics? ;) I AM! Here is a sweet pair of big sister/little sister shirts! My kids had a ball discussing what was similar and what was different in each shirt. (The impromptu learning that comes with homeschooling!) I love these little owls--and I am just realizing I have four owl bibs I did not photo....hmmm....must do so later.

I must be feeling more in the swing of things--seeing as I grabbed the camera and snuck outside to take pictures. I've been busy, busy sewing, but no pictures as of late. Of course, when it is 20 degrees outside, it makes wanting to be outside an issue! Today is supposed to be mid-40's! Yesterday got into the 50's--and I threw open my windows for some fresh air!

I am busy working on tax info, re-arranging my sewing room (I bought an AWESOME buffet to hide stuff in, cut fabric on top, and to unify the area where I had a treadle sewing machine and a drop leaf table), and re-arranging my whole house. Lots going on at once! And oh, lots of de-cluttering! It feels great!

:) MonsterBug Blankets

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