Wednesday, July 28, 2010

long time....

soooo, it's been a long time since I chattered on here. So much chattering--but elsewhere. ;) That and I made a fan page on Facebook, so I became easily distracted putting my new creations up over there. (PS--you can become a fan over there--and get % off sales and such from time to time--yah!)

Life has been, well, crazy. I was super busy this spring, and in the middle of May I felt frustrated by all the busyness, and while praying, I realized it was time to shut down for a bit. So I closed MonsterBug Blankets and did other things. And to tell you the truth--I'm STILL not quite ready to be back sewing--shhhhh! I'm doing it some--when I have to--but I've not gotten back into the rhythm of it yet. That will come, I am confident! (It kind of HAS to--I have a wholesale order to get out in 3.5 weeks! hahaha!)

So, instead of sewing, I canned for the first time! I made strawberry, ginger peach, and blueberry-lemon jams. Oh YUM! I've never canned before! I also bought a 50lb box full of the most delicious mixed I put up corn one night (in the freezer)! It's been fun learning to do things that used to be a part of everyday life. And the kids--oh they got to help! I can't make jam without them! Monster gets weary of mashing the fruit--but he likes to be a part of it! By the time the jam is boiling rapidly, I send both kiddos out of the kitchen to do other things. Though they usually end up sitting right by the doorway, watching. :) I canned chicken stock, too--but later read that it needed to be pressure canned--oops! I suppose I'll need to dump those cans. :( And BBQ sauce--my husband likes the recipe--I find it so-so. I'd like to find a different one. I'm not sure what this one needs, but something is lacking in it for me.

In my time off, I also soaked up and read so many books, magazines, and internet sites on homesteading, starting a hobby garden, organic gardening, canning, preserving, and herbal healing. I've barely scratched the surface, but I am enthralled! I keep reading, knowing somehow enough of this information will sink in to my brain! Our dream is to one day have some land to work/hide on. ;) It is funny (and amazing) to me, how my husband and I are being brought together into one mind concerning so much of this.

What else.....we bought a compost bin--so next year when we start our garden, we'll have nice, lovely compost to add to our soil. I found an amazing book by DK, Grow It Cook It, to read to the kids. Two days ago, we read about our compost pile and how it works to make soil. The kids were DYING to see all the bugs in the bin, so they went with me that evening when I put our scraps in--yikes! I knew there bugs in there--but wow. yeah. I am a bit frightened to head back there again! hahaha! The kids just loved that the compost is made up of bug poop. Poop is always a way to get kids interested, isn't it?!

I'm sure I've learned so much more--this is just the tip of it! So while MonsterBug Blankets was quiet this summer--there were other avenues for me to learn and grow in! I took the time and energy I used to sew with and put it to use elsewhere! ;)

Hope ya'll had a great summer!
:) MonsterBug Blankets


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